The Center

In today’s world, the pressing issues of competition between our finite energy supply and steadily increasing demand, and the way our exploitation of these resources impacts our environment, are key challenges we will face in the coming years.  In order to address these issues, we need innovative thinkers and leaders who understand energy systems and the important interconnections among policy, markets, technology, and the environment. 

The aim of the Gendell Center for Engineering, Energy, and the Environment is to produce a new generation of undergraduates, equipped not just with an understanding of how to approach and analyze real world problems, but tooled with the technical and intellectual skills to produce solutions that will affect our world now and in the years to come.

Center Mission

  • To develop an on-going comprehensive education program, open to all students, that produces real solutions to current problems.
  • To develop a distinctive educational experience with tangible results and measurable impact.
  • To encourage undergraduate students to be more intentional in their educational choices by leveraging technical and non-technical offerings of the university in a way that will compliment their education and improve their overall experience at Duke.