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The goal of the Greenback Team was to create a "green" backup electricity source for a residence during periods of extreme blackout and inclement weather. The generators currently used by homeowners have a negative environmental impact.


The Greenback Team was composed of engineering students Matthew Campbell, Katherine Danziger, Addison Ferrell and
Dan Ryan. Trinity Arts & Sciences students included: Cathy Johnson, Seth Lewis, Steven Smith and Darby McEvoy.

Requirements for a New System

  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Low to no environmental impact
  • Easily operable bor an average home owner
  • High reliability
  • Wide compatibitiliy with most electrical devices
  • Affodable
  • Unobstructive and low maintenance
  • Reasonable charge time (less than 20 days)
  • High usable energy out put (7.2 kWh)

The Solution

A solar panel connected to a charge controller connected to a bank of batteries in a custom cabinet, connected to an inverter and then to house hold appliances. Read the team's final report.

greenback schematic