Making the Greens Greener: Developing a Sustainable Golf Cart

Project State
Project Type


solar car

The project goal is to develop a sustainable neighborhood vehicle that:

  • Is environmentally friendly through the use of a renewable power source.
  • Meets the necessary performance metrics to be safely implemented in the target market.
  • Is fiscally competitive to the existing alternatives in the target market.


Nick Bunn, Danny Fifer, Mikhail Gordin, Eric Mansfield, Bobby Rasul, Jason Rehlaender, Bryan Stem

Target Market

The target market we are building a vehicle for is the neighborhood vehicle market (i.e. golf cart) in closed communities (retirement communities, golf clubs, campuses). Size of market: # of golf courses: 16,944; # of resorts: 3,000+; # of campuses: 2,600.

Price points: Price range for new golf carts: $4,700 - $15,000; average price for a new golf cart: $5,000-$7,000. Very basic; average price for a used golf cart: $2,500 - $5,000.


Solar-powered golf cart.